10 Best Sound Barrier For Basement Ceilings In 2022

A sound barrier for basement ceilings is a must for any homeowner who wants to keep their home quiet and peaceful. Basement ceilings are notoriously noisy, as they are directly above the main living space of the home. A good sound barrier will help to reduce noise transfer between the floors, making your basement much quieter.

Our Top Picks At A Glance

Take a look at the following comparison chart of our top 10 Best Sound Barrier For Basement Ceilings that will win your heart.

10 Best Sound Barrier For Basement Ceilings People Love In 2022: In Depth Features

SaleBestseller No. 1
Acoustic Foam Panels - Pack of 12 Flame Retardant Sound Proof Foam Panels for Walls Ceilings Reduces Reverb Echo 12” x 12” x 2” Sound Insulation Wedge Noise Cancelling Foam Tiles for Home Office
  • ● ACOUSTIC FOAM – Improve the acoustics of your room with these soundproof foam panels. Made from flame retardant foam, this pack of 12 sound insulation wedges creates a neutral sound environment while cutting down on noise and sound reflected from your walls;
  • ● REDUCES ECHOES – Foam wall acoustic panels help to reduce noise and provide sound insulation in your room. These soundproof wall panels improve sound quality inside your space by reducing flutter echoes, reverberations and reflections. They also minimize slap back and room ring to create an enhanced acoustic environment;
  • ● WIDELY APPLICABLE – Each sound absorbing foam panel measures 12 x 12 x 2 inches making it ideal for use in professional music studios, recording booths, concert hall, movie theater, churches and control rooms. Multiple sound panels can be set up to create the perfect sound signature;
  • ● EASY TO MOUNT – The package also includes 60 pieces of double sided tape. Add a piece of tape to each corner and in the center to mount panels easily. High quality adhesive keeps the panels securely attached to your walls or ceiling
  • ● AFTER SERVICE WARRANTY – Your purchase comes with a 90 day free replacement warranty for your peace of mind. The package comes vacuum packed for convenient shipping. Follow the instructions to un-compress wall panels to their original state
SaleBestseller No. 2
HEWEIYHY 50 Pack Acoustic Panels Soundproof Studio Foam for Walls Sound Absorbing Panels Sound Insulation Panels Wedge for Home Studio Ceiling, 1" X 12" X 12", Black (50PCS Black)
  • u【Eco-friendly and Safety】Made of high quality environmentally polyurethane foam, these studio foam are durable and effective, no health risks, safe to use.
  • u【Noise Absorbing】Our sound foam panels can dampen and diffuse mid to low frequency sound waves inside of a room, to minimize interference, increases increasing sound clarity.
  • These soundproofing foam panels come with 24 pack in the package, each tile is 1 square foot of 1 inch thick acoustic wedge, 12 pack covers an area of 12 square feet.
  • u【Easy to Install】These studio sound absorbing panels can be used as acoustic cover for walls, ceilings and doors, just easily attach it with staples, nails, screws, tacks or glue.
  • u【Widely Usage】Our sound dampening foam panels are great for recording studios, vocal booths, control rooms, also ideal for home theaters, professional movie theaters, concert halls and more.
Bestseller No. 3
Soundsulate™ 1/2 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) Soundproofing, Noise Barrier CLICK FOR OPTIONS (4' x 50' (200 sf))
  • Use for soundproofing basements, conference rooms, studios, apartments, machinery, pipes and more.
  • Made with the highest quality vinyl available for strength, durability and flexibility . Made in the USA.
  • STC rating 20, Weight 1/2 lb./sq. ft., 1/16" thick, odorless.
  • Ships within 24 hours from one of two locations for faster delivery. More options available at Burning River Buys
  • Heavy - weighs 1/2 pound per square foot or 100 pounds
Bestseller No. 4
Soundproofing Material Mass Loaded Vinyl 1.1 Lb Soundproofing Wall Soundproof Floor Outdoor Sound Barrier MLV with Acoustic Noise Barrier for Sound Proof Door Ceiling Cars (1.1 Lb 100 Sq. Ft)
  • HIGHEST SOUND PROOF RATING Do check the sound transmission class (STC) rating of other competitors before you decide to buy. At STC 32 ours offers better sound proofing, in compared to STC 26 from other brands. Size 4 ft x 24 feet, 1 lbs per square foot
  • DOESN’T NOT SMELL. BARIUM FREE You sure don’t want to be in a soundproof yet smelly room! Our mass loaded vinyl is made of VIRGIN MATERIAL AND ODORLESS (not recycled rubber like some other brands). Also, BARIUM FREE.
  • PERFECT FOR USE in soundproofing of wall, floor, ceilings, and cars. Our MLV mass loaded vinyl is also called as mass loaded vinyl soundproofing, sound blocking vinyl, sound proof roll, soundproof pipe wrap, mass loaded vinyl noise barrier fence, soundproofing vinyl, wall soundproofing, outdoor soundproofing fence, sound absorbing sheets, mlv vinyl, sound proofing drywall, sound proof boards for walls, acoustic barrier, sound barriers, sound proofing mat.
  • WATER RESISTANT, WIPE AND DRY Made of highly impermeable material and can be wiped dry. Doesn’t absorb moisture, no fungus or bacterial growth.
  • EASY SET UP IN JUST A FEW MINUTES Cut with any standard utility knife and install on walls, floor, ceiling, cars etc. In the unlikely event you aren’t delighted with the product, you can return for a full refund or replacement.
Bestseller No. 5
Soundsulate Sound Absorbing Acoustical Drop Ceiling Tiles (24" x 24" x 1")
  • Superior sound absorbing qualities - reduces unwanted reverb and echo making speech and sounds more audible. Minimizes background noise in your space as well as transference of that noise to another room.
  • Made from lightweight soft high quality fiberglass and finished with a rigid non-woven facing.
  • 20 tiles per package which covers 80 square feet
  • High NRC up to .7, Class A fire-rated – ASTM E84, UL723.
  • Also available in white, see ASIN B081QGJNNS
Bestseller No. 6
Soundsulate™ 1 lb Mass Loaded Vinyl MLV, Soundproofing Barrier 4' x 15' (60 sf)
  • Use for soundproofing basements, conference rooms, studios, apartments, machinery, pipes and more.
  • STC rating 26, 1/8" thick
  • Made with the highest quality materials for superior strength, durability and flexibility. Made in the USA.
  • Heavy - weighs 1 pound per square foot or 60 pounds
  • More options available at Burning River Buys
Bestseller No. 7
Pipe Insulation Foam Tube with Foil - 32.8ft Water Pipe Wrap for Winter Outdoor Pipeline Retardant Freeze Rain Sun Proof, No Itch Self-Adhesive Tape (2" Wide)
  • [Super Long] Our foiled pipe insulation wrap is 32.8 feet long and is much longer than most similar products on the market. This allows it to provide all-round protection for more outdoor pipelines.
  • [No Itching] Unlike some fiberglass products on the market that can cause rashes and itching, our pipe wrap tape made with 0.2" thick rubber-plastic cotton is much gentler and skin-friendly.
  • [Foil Faced] There is a layer of aluminum foil on the surface of the pipe insulating tape, and the flame retardant properties of the aluminum foil can play a good fireproof effect. It fits closely with the rubber-plastic cotton, will not shift or even fall off, and can improve the waterproof effect of the insulating tape.
  • [Self-Adhesive] There is a strong adhesive on this cotton pipe wrap. Peel off the film backing and stick the wrap to the outdoor pipes. The wrap sticks firmly to the pipes and does not loosen easily.
  • [Multi-function] Because of the good insulation, our foiled insulation tape is especially suitable for protecting outdoor water pipes from freezing in winter, or from heat and hot sun in summer. It also provides fire protection for pipes and prevents them from being scratched. It really extends the life of pipes.
Bestseller No. 8
HOMCHEK 10mm 21.53sqft 40inch x 80inch Automotive Heat Shield Mat Sound Deadener Mat Noise & Dampening Heat Insulation Mat Application for Car Hood Dynamat Ceiling Door
  • 【Heat Insulation】This heat shield has an adhesive layer.It is a very versatile insulation material with excellent thermal barrier properties. It is the best way to make the car cool and quiet! It’s easy to cut and install!
  • 【Sound Insulation】This sound deadener mat has the same characteristics and excellent noise insulator properties as rubber foam. It absolutely doesn’t absorb water & has no odor unlike polyurethane foam. It has a very low weight, oil and petrol resistant. Good sound insulation provides you with excellent comfort during high-speed driving.
  • 【Easy to install】Easy to cut and install, suitable for various car models. Self-adhesive backing and waterproof and dustproof.
  • 【Specifications】Thickness 10 mm,total coverage area of 21.53 sqft.Size:40 inch x 80 inch.
  • 【Fits】You can also use on car roof floors, hood , firewall, chassis, trunk room, trunk lid and so on.. Do not cover the chassis wiring or air holes.
Bestseller No. 9
BXI Sound Absorber - 16 X 12 X 3/8 Inches 6 Pack High Density Acoustic Absorption Panel, Sound Absorbing Panels Reduce Echo Reverb, Tackable Acoustic Panels for Wall and Ceiling Acoustic Treatment
  • 【SPECIFICATION】: High Density - 200kg/m3; Dimensions - 16 X 12 X 3/8 inches(cutting tolerance: 2%), pack of 6, covering 7.7 square feet; Weight - 2.8 pounds of 6 pieces; Material - Polyester Fiber
  • 【IMPROVE SOUND QUALITY】: These durable sound panels are excellent at absorbing sound energy, reducing reverb, echo and mid high frequency noise; Average absorption coefficient: 0.78; NRC(noise reduction coefficient): 0.87
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE】: These sound insulation panels are ideal for sound treatment and decoration on ceiling and wall; Pefect for recording studios, gaming room, home theater, home studio, office, vocal booth, podcast, youtuber and more
  • 【ECO-FRIENDLY】: Odorless, Non-toxic, Formaldehyde-free, Class B1 Flame Retardant, Corrosion Resistant, Anti aging, Safe acoustic tiles for indoor use
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】: These sound dampening panels are cuttable and easy to mount using construction adhesive or 3M vhb double sided tape(sold separately)
SaleBestseller No. 10
EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Cobweb Duster and Extension-Pole Combo (20 Ft Reach, Medium-Stiff Bristles), Hand-Packaged, Lightweight, 3-Stage Aluminum Pole, Indoor & Outdoor Use Spider Web Brush with Pole
  • HAND-PACKAGED, NO SMASHED BRISTLES – bristles are big and full, not smashed like others. Cobweb Dusters are Hand-Packaged in San Luis Obispo, CA. Bristles are stiff but with enough give, perfect for cleaning those pesky outdoor spider webs.
  • SAVE TIME, SKIP THE LADDER – REACH UP TO 18-20 FEET WHEN STANDING – Included is Eversprout Extension Pole (4.5 to 12 ft) and Cobweb Duster (9” x 5” x 5”). with cobweb duster head and telescoping pole duster that had webster spider web remover
  • THE EVERSPROUT ADVANTAGE – 1 TREE PLANTED WITH EVERY ORDER - This is perfect as a spiderweb cleaning brush with sweeper duster attachment
  • SAY BYE BYE TO COBWEBS AND DUST–High-quality, lightweight, easy to use Cobweb Duster with Extension Pole. Built to last and with user experience in mind. Perfect for cleaning tall, hard to reach spots inside and outside: high ceilings, tight corners, walls, beams, and more!
  • THE ULTIMATE EXTENSION POLE ON THE MARKET TODAY – Lightweight Aluminum pole weighs only 1.5 pounds and is very sturdy. Non-Slip Foam Hand Grips for comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions, with cob web brush long retractale

What To Look For Before Buying Best Sound Barrier For Basement Ceilings

Not every Best Sound Barrier For Basement Ceilings comes with the same specifications & price. So, you should choose the one that will serve your purpose and save your wallet.

When purchasing a sound barrier for your basement, it is important to make sure that you are getting the best possible product. Each type of barrier has different benefits and drawbacks. Here are some tips to help you choose the right product: -Check the weight and size of the barrier. Make sure that the Barrier is able to fit in your budget and can be easily installed. -Check the type of sound insulation that is included with the barrier. Some barriers include an airtight seal, which will help keep sound out while others do not. Be sure to ask what kind of sound insulation is included before making your purchase. -Check the safety features of the barrier. Make sure that the barrier is made with sturdy hinges and mounting hardware so that it can be easily attached or removed. -Check the reviews of other customers before making your purchase. Make sure to read reviews from people who have installed and used the barrier in their own homes.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Soundproof A Basement Ceiling?

Soundproofing a basement ceiling is a very important task that should be performed as soon as possible in order to avoid unwanted noise. Too much noise can disturb other people and creatures living in the area, and it can also cause annoyance and inconvenience to those who are working or living in the basement.

What Is The Best Soundproofing For Basement Ceiling?

With an average basement ceiling height of about 18″, a soundproofing solution that does not cover the entire ceiling would be the best option. Sound travels through the air unimpeded and can cause annoyance and concern if it is heard in the basement. A full basement waterproofing solution will stop sound travel and provide a safe, noise-free environment for your family members.

How Can I Soundproof My Basement Cheaply?

There are a few ways to soundproof your basement cheaply. One way is to use PVC piping to create an acoustic shield in the ceiling of your basement. Another way is to install acoustic tile in the floor, walls and ceilings of your basement.

What Can I Put On My Ceiling To Absorb Sound?

There is no one answer to this question as different ceilings are different in terms of their absorbency and sound production. Some common Ideas to consider include using a ceiling mount for your audio system, investing in a good quality noise cancelling headphones, or adding a suite of speakers to your room.


A sound barrier is a measure used in an interior design to reduce sound and vibration levels. A variety of materials can be used to create a sound barrier, including walls, flooring, ceilings, and door frames.

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