Top 10 Best Nixie Tube Clock Kit 2022

Nixie tube clocks are a unique and interesting way to tell time. They use vintage-style nixie tubes to display the time in a variety of ways, from simple digits to elaborate designs. There are a number of different nixie tube clock kits on the market, so it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your needs. Some of the best kits include detailed instructions and all the components you need to build a fully functioning clock.

Which Are The Best Nixie Tube Clock Kit From Our Choice

Here is a quick recap of our top 10 picks that lets you compare each phone with another and allow you to choose the best one.

Top 10 Best Nixie Tube Clock Kit You Should Go For In 2022

Bestseller No. 1
NovelLife SE Tube Clock, DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit Simulation,Digital Calendar Stopwatch,6 Bit IPS Screen Time Photo Display, Smart Wirelesss Connection Gesture Control,Creative Desktop Decoration Gift
  • 🕛Upgraded Various Control★ Equipped with ESP32 wifi module and IR sensor support smart phone app (Andriod/IOS) control , Gesture control and windows system PC control to change display mode,backlight,calibrate the time, convenient to operate, PC software please visit:
  • 🕛Nixie Tube Clock Simulation★ Adopts 6pcs IPS LCD screen to display the time number image with glass cover making it looks like a real vacuum nixie tube clock glowing when power on
  • 🕛Fantastic Display Effect★ LCD screen display design provide the various number background display mode and also support import user picture to DIY your own display UI via the software with more funs just by your creativity
  • 🕛RGB Background Lighting★ On the back of each screen has the RGB led bub provide 3 types lighting modes to create more dazzling display effect
  • 🕛User Friendly★Support simple gensture contro, 12/24 hours format time display,power momery function with built-in button battery, Stopwatch, Countdown
Bestseller No. 2
Nixie Tube Clock Remote Control Board Motherboard PCBA Kits 6-Bit Digital Clock Fit for IN-12 IN-14 IN-18 QS30-1 Vacuum Tube, Handmade DIY Retro Desk Clock, NO Tubes
  • 【NOTE】: Because this product needs to weld the Nixie tube or tube seat, make a shell, etc. , so buyers are required to have a certain amount of hands-on ability. (without tubes). Insulation must be done before DIY production, the motherboard is easy to be broken down by hand static electricity.
  • 【Tips】: The battery used in the remote control is CR2025 3V, and the battery used in the integrated PCBA is CR1220 3V(Keep time running when power is off). Since the battery power will continue to be consumed over time,If the battery runs out of power, the customer needs to replace his own battery.
  • This board is the core board of the universal Nixie tube clock. It integrates all the functions of the Nixie tube clock including the boost module. As long as a board is added to the Nixie tube, a complete 6-bit digital Nixie tube clock can be made.
  • The clock uses the DS3231M, built-in crystal, and accurate timing. The boost part uses the MAX1771 high efficiency scheme, low heat (inductive hand can be in long contact).Single-chip machine with STC15W408AS, with anti-cathode poisoning program, delay shutdown, timing switch machine and other functions.
  • Use remote control to adjust the time, or switch the machine. And with an external infrared probe and DC power interface, it is convenient for users to make a shell. Using a 9V or 12V, 500MA or more power adapter, the interface is DC5.5*2.1; The small size about 4.75x1.26x0.55Inch, it easy to fit into a smaller DIY housing.
Bestseller No. 3
UpCrafts Studio Design In14 Nixie Tube Clock Kit DIY Board - Super Cool Vintage Steampunk Assembled Retro IN-14 clocks, Small, Multicolor led lights (look at the photos)
  • Ready-to-use Nixie tube clock kit. You can use it once you get it. Also, you can put this completed kit into wooden or any other case you like.
  • The set includes an adapter (power supply) suitable for 110v or 220v networks.
  • Nice blue lighting (you can switch off it, if you want)
  • The set includes 4 pcs. original (used) vintage (made in the 1980s) IN-14 Nixie Tubes
  • Adjustable time mode (12/24 hours)
Bestseller No. 4
FDSF Diy In12 In-12 Nixie Tube Pcba Kit Digital Clock Beautiful Gift,No Tubes, Blue
  • Operate:
  • 1.Set : Long Press ''Down'' key into setting . Click ''Up'',''Down'' to select , and Long Press ''Down'' key to finish.
  • 2.12/24 hour module: Click ''Up'' key to change
  • 3.Sleep module. Long Press ''UP'', while no display , into sleep module(22:00~07:00 no display. 07:00~22:00 display). Display all ''0''number,out of sleep module.
  • 4.Set back color: Click ''Down'' to change color. when color refresh that means it is into change color automatic (every day change one color),or color is fixed.
Bestseller No. 5
CJP-Geek AC/DC Adapter Wall Charger Replacement for Nixie Tube Clock Kit Switching Power Supply Cord
  • Wide Compatibility:Compatible with AC/DC Adapter Wall Charger for Nixie Tube Clock Kit Switching Power Supply Cord
  • SAFE TO USE: Got the CE certificate with short circuit protection, over-current protection, over-voltage protection and overload protection
  • WHAT YOU GET: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee / 60 Days Free Exchange With Paid Return Label / 180 Days Anytime Worry-Free Warranty! /Just contact us any time you want for the problem of the product, we will try our best to solve your problem.
Bestseller No. 6
ELEKSTUBE Tube Clock 2ND Generation, 6 Bit IPS LCD Screen Digital Time Photo Display, DIY Retro Smart Desktop Decoration, Nixie Tube Kit Clock, Best Creative Gift Adults Boys
  • UPGRADING: Support NTP service, automatically synchronize local time; change time zone at any time; change clock setting through PC client.
  • VERIFY: IPS clocks are genuine ELEKSTUBE clocks, which can be verified by the official IPS PC Client.
  • OUTSTANDING APPEARANCE: The nixie clock is a work of art, a perfect blend of innovative technology and vintage look. 6 LCD screens covered with delicate glass tubes. An open-circuit design, GB colors and an elegant aluminum base.
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY PRESENTATIONS: More than 20 display options. Customize the display clock or pictures by the smart UPLOAD TOOLS Software.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Easy to set up with instructions, change settings or display options.
Bestseller No. 7
Tube Clock, Luminous Clock, with In-12 Tubes Digital Clock , DIY Nixie Tube Clock Kit Simulation,Smart Wirelesss Control,Retro Modern Desk Vintage Punk Digital Desktop Creative Ornaments.
  • ☄【100% brand new and high quality】:Colorful 4-digit LED retro clock, IN-12 glow tube clock, and use these creative nixie clock to decorate your home.Made of high-quality ABS and metal materials, lightweight and keeps this nixie clock pretty and can be used for many years.
  • ☄【High-precision clock】:The clock has a built-in high-precision chip that can accurately display the time and date with an annual error of less than 1 minute. It is easy to operate and can be operated remotely with a remote control.
  • ☄【Travel Through Time】:Besides the performance and intuitive design, digital alarm clock has a stylish retro design for reviving an epoch long gone. It stands as a bridge between modern and vintage, surprising with an open-circuit design.
  • ☄【Custom Display Color & Mode】:Adopts RGB light source enable you to customize each display group color with RGB full color selection and support Check mode, Single color mode, Monochrome alternate display mode, Breathing mode, Rainbow flashing mode, Water flowing mode,suitable for a variety of places like bedroom and office.
  • ☄【Punk retro style】:Glow tube IN-12A is a Soviet product, precious legacy, rare in quantity, exquisite and small, very suitable for gifts to relatives and friends.
Bestseller No. 8
EnweKapu Nixie Tube Clock, IN-12 Nixie Tubes, DIY Classic Retro Digital Clock Kit, Steampunk Style, Handmade, Round Glass Wooden, Super Visual Effects, Table Clock for Friends Gifts,Pine Base
  • [DIGITAL TUBE CLOCK]: The package includes: 1 glow tube clock kit, we will provide you with an assembly manual, but you still need welding skills and welding electronics knowledge, or we recommend an assembled version.
  • [IN12 GLOW CLOCK]: It adopts fashionable retro design, strong and corrosion-resistant. The brightness is adjustable and the timing is accurate. This digital clock has a novel shape and is very attractive whether it is decorating your desktop, living room or bedroom. It is very suitable as a gift for children, husbands and boyfriends.
  • [HUMANIZED DESIGN]: USB power supply, clock supports 24-hour high-precision system. The finished product does not need to be installed, and you can easily control and change settings or display options.
  • [EXQUISITE GIFTS]: The desktop creative clock looks exquisite, can be used as home and office decorations, and is also a perfect gift for relatives and friends. After the purchase is successful, we will have an instruction manual to ensure that you can use it correctly.
  • [100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE]: Our professional customer service is at your service at any time. If you have any questions about the product or transportation, please contact us via email, we will give you a reply and solution within 24 hours.
Bestseller No. 9
Nixie Tube Clock Kit, Beech Plus PCB High luminous tube clock, automatic DC12V 1A for time display
  • Multi Color Display: The clock can automatically switch red, purple, yellow, pink, green and blue display every day, can also adjust or turn off manually
  • Automatic Shutdown: This nixie tube clock can automatically shut down from 22:00 to 7:00, can save power and increase battery life
  • High Accuracy Clock Chip: This glowing tube clock adopts high accuracy chip, the time display error can be about one minute per year
  • Function: The nixie tube clock can switch between 12 and 24 hour display mode, has antipoison program which will re display every 1 minute
  • DIY Kit: This nixie tube clock kit can be assembled by yourself, with complete accessories, and easy installation
Bestseller No. 10
CHBC Nixie Tube Clock Digital Colored Adjustable LED Glow Tube Clock 6-Digit Kit Gift for Friend and Children
  • RGB & Various Lighting Effects - Simulate the glow clock effect. There are a variety of adjustable lighting effects, colors that can be freely adjusted
  • High Quality And Stylish - By using high quality acrylic materials, the entire Nixie tube clock appears high quality and structured. The circuit board of this Nixie tube clock is welded and only needs to be assembled with acrylic plates
  • No Need To Reset The Time After A Power Failure - automatically save the setting data when you turn it off. This tube clock is powered by USB. The CR2032 backup battery must be inserted to avoid loss of time after a power failure (CR2032 battery not included)
  • Good Seal - Every component material has been precisely cut and polished so that there are no gaps, so every tube clock has a good seal and you don't have to worry about dust entering and affecting the lighting effect
  • Creative Gift - It is really nice and stylish and can be used as a decoration in the room to enhance the romantic and interesting atmosphere. It is also particularly suitable as a gift for your family, lovers and friend. Weight: 520 g

Criteria You Should Consider Before Purchasing The Best Nixie Tube Clock Kit

Take the following considerations into account to choose the best nixie tube clock kit that meets your needs.

A nixie tube clock kit is a great way to get your driving Miles covered in time. This kit includes both the need and the orice to create your own nixie tube clock. You can find different designs and colors to suit your needs, and buy components to create your own showstoppers. The kit also includes Owner’s Manual and other Support file.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Nixie Tube Clock Last?

A nixie tube clock is typically designed to last around three hours, but it can be kept for a longer period of time by using it as a source of power.

Do Nixie Tubes Use A Lot Of Power?

Nixie tubes use a lot of power, but it is important to keep in mind the what to expect when using these devices. Do Nixie tubes use a lot of power? No, they do not use much power.

Are Nixie Tubes Still Made?

Nixie tubes are made still today in some countries. They are a type of tube that are used to create a unique sound.

How Do You Make A Nixie Tube Clock?

To make a nixie tube clock, you will need: a nixie tube, a clock wheel, and a potentiometer.

Final Thoughts

This is a brief conclusion about the best nixie tube clock kit.

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