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To Understand Customers' Needs, Let Vendors Get More Value

By ugg300 | Posted In Web Services | 0 Comments >> | Dec 25, 2010


Although the electronic commerce social influence is bigger and bigger, but we suffer from traditional channel pressure but always not diminish. The darkness before dawn, maybe that's it, through this special period, can meet bright prospect of e-commerce.

I can't promise much, but I know, along with the development of the jingdong and e-business industry's rapid development, the future brand enterprise will here can develop a blue ocean. I also, no matter how the jingdong commitment, we will continue to adhere to our strategy, further reduce inventory turns, further opening up information channel, further help enterprises to understand customers' needs, let vendors get more value.
In fact in the industry, we have no competition. All do quality goods HangHuo and lawful operations of electrical contractor enterprise, all is a friend, everybody in the whole development of industry of contribution to make. I hope every enterprise develops faster, better, more powerful, the only way that China's e-business industry will be more prosperous and thriving industries will further promote each enterprise's development, this is a benign circulation, consumers will benefit more.
Over the years, our steps so fast that keeps momently sta te, forgot to stop and look at the scenery on the way. Our steps and slowly, so that I can't idle front yard to wander to wander the four winds, conquer the rugged and dangers. In those may let people lost in the desert, in those the ups and downs of the hill, I accelerated subduction, controls the feet suv, continually seeking road, breaks through the confusion to release the bazaar, looking for the performance of heart real self!
Although the jingdong has come to industry share absolute leading status, future pressure remains. How to guarantee in 1000000000000000000000 scale, in commodities continue several times as fast growth, still has the logistics, complete service? How is the balance in more before myself? These are all I will discuss to face and solve.

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