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Fashion Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Un & Hemp For Halloween

By yy123571 | Posted In Product/Service Promotions | 0 Comments >> | Dec 16, 2010



Nike the attractive color of this sneaker alone is guaranteed to take your breath away, Jordan 8 so why waste your time looking at other sneakersThe sneaker has a gum sole that keeps up with the overall color scheme. The black Nike swoosh keeps the color in a state of balance.

Nike SB Dunk Low Premium ??Un-Hemp??

We are talking about the Nike SB Dunk Low Premium ??Air Jordan 7 Un-Hemp?? sneaker which is some sort of an experiment considering that the designer tries to mix and match not merely colors but the materials as well.The Nike SB Dunk Low Premium ??Un-Hemp?? sneaker is an attractive piece of footwear that comes in a mixed material of suede and hemp. An innovative combination, shall we say, and is made more attractive thanks to the orange upper. Orange is actually the main color of this sneaker and it is found on the shoelaces, the suede toe panel and the heel.

However, there is a nice accent in the form of the tan hemp which you will find on the side panels, toe box and the heel panel.Air Jordan Shoes  As a surprise, you will see the red heel label with the word Nike in white on it. Another surprise comes in the form of the red tongue.

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