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Infogarh Blog available now

By Rakesh Dhiman | Posted In Infogarh Network | 0 Comments >> | Mar 11, 2010


Infogarh Blog is designed to provide quality information on diversified topics. We can express our views and let others express their though process to a particular topic.

The Human Psychology reveals an interesting fact that there is an implicit writer in everybody. The origin of this implicit writer comes from a typical natural habit of our mind - Our mind is automatically on constant thinking mode. And to synchronize these thinking pieces, it uses memory cells embedded deep down in brain for storing and retrieving information. This "storing" process inherently make us writer. Some people are able to bring this out through their writings, whereas others keep it close to their heart. Infogarh Blog is an attempt to bring out this writer-in-everybody aspect.

As of now, Infogarh Blog is available with very basic set of functionality which can be enhanced based on the feedback. Let us summarize some of the functionality and how to use them:

Becoming an Infogarh Blogger

There are two ways for this:

  1. Open and click on "Register" at top-right corner of the page and follow instructions to get your login credentials. Once you login, you get "Admin Tools" panel on the left panel. Click on "Become Infogarh Blogger". A separate window will open for your blog admin panel. And you are done !!!
  2. Open and click on "Register" at top-right corner of the page and follow instructions to get your login credentials. You will land on blog admin panel. Thats it.

How to get Blog Admin Panel

There is a "Login" link at top-right corner at This can be used to login to Infogarh Blog. After this you can use "Administrator" link at top-right corner to land on blog admin panel.

How to Blog

There is a link "New Post" near "Search Blog..." bar at top of the page. Once you click on this, you will get writing panel to start blogging. It will follwing parts:

  1. Title Bar: Use this to give relevant heading to your blog.
  2. Category: Select the relevant category to which your blog belongs.
  3. Tags: This is an important part. Type some  relevant keywords separated by comma, which can be used in "Search Blog..." panel to search for your blog.
  4. Summary: This is the brief summary of your blog. This will be dispalyed along with header in the blog listing.
  5. Description: This is all your space. Write and write your full heart !!!
  6. Save for Now: This button will save your post without publishing. You can come again and edit it.
  7. Publish: This buttton will submit your post for admin approval, which basically will check for that your blog uses proper language and is not offensive in nature.

How to Edit/Update/Delete/Publish/Unpublish Old Blogs

Very simple, Use link "Manage Posts".

How to Approve/Delete Comments

Use link "Manage Comment". You have authority to Approve/Disapprove comments done by others for your posts. We suggest you to check them carefully before approval so that offensive language is not used.

As Infogarh Blog is just at initial stage, there may be something missing or something can be implemented in more efficient manner. We welcome your suggestions at

Happy Blogging...!!!

Team, Infogarh Blog

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