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Indian Universities .. A Glance

By Sukhbinder Bhogal | Posted In General | 0 Comments >> | Mar 11, 2010


I am here to throw light on the stats, Universities in India Vs Others .... as people moving out ever come back .....

Infogarh Blog available now

By Rakesh Dhiman | Posted In Infogarh Network | 0 Comments >> | Mar 11, 2010


The Human Psychology reveals an interesting fact that there is an implicit writer in everybody. The origin of this implicit writer comes from a typical natural habit of our mind - Our mind is automatically in constant thinking mode. And to synchronize these thinking pieces, it uses memory cells embedded deep down in brain for storing and retrieving information. This "storing" process inherently make us writer. Some people are able to bring this out through their writings, whereas others keep it close to their heart. Infogarh Blog is an attempt to bring out this writer-in-everybody aspect.

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